Media Coverage

WSB TV pays us a visit!

Craig Lucie from WSB TV (Channel 2 Action News) came to the lab and did a super fun interview about my human-swarm interaction project. Check it out below.

Craig Lucie

Georgia Tech project could change how rescuers respond to disasters (Online)

WSB TV 2015.

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The coverage demo goes viral!

Georgia Tech News recently wrote an article about my implementation of a human-swarm interaction scheme. A few hours later it was highlighted everywhere, including IEEE Spectrum and Science Magazine. Check out some of the articles below.

Evan Ackerman

Your Finger on a Tablet Can Control Entire Swarms of Robots (Online)

IEEE Spectrum 2015.

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Jeanne Rife

Researchers program Robots to Respond to Commands issued through Tablet Device (Online)

NH Voice 2015.

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John Biggs

Swarming Robots Can Now Follow Your Fingertips (Online)

Tech Crunch 2015.

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Unknown Author

How to control a robot fleet using a smart tablet (Online)

Science Magazine 2015.

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Unknown Author

Want to control a swarm of robots? Georgia Tech has the answer (Online)

Fox News 2015.

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Robin Burks

Control Your Own Robot Army With The Tip Of Your Finger (Online)

Tech Times 2015.

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Brooks Hays

Watch a simple tablet control robot swarm (Online)

UPI 2015.

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Joseph Gibson

Engineers program Army of Robots to respond to Commands issued through Tablet (Online)

Perfect Science 2015.

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